R.O.Y.A.L Youth Empowerment Services

Founder/Executive Director

Mrs. Octavia Davis




To provide empowerment and educational essentials for at-risk youth and their families. This also includes those who are entering or exiting the foster care system. 


One day, at-risk youth will acquire unlimited access to the resources needed to increase their quality of life. 


Our Foundational Components

It is our desire to provide products and services that will enhance at-risk youth and their families lives using the following modules:

  • Community Involvement (Community Service)
  • Educational Consulting
  • Youth Empowerment
  • Career Development
  • Financial Literary
  • Life Coaching



executive DIRECTOR

the queen behind the vision


My Beginning!

Current Ph.D. student, Mrs. Octavia Davis has over 10 years of experience empowering at-risk youth and coaching women. With a rough beginning, she persevered through hard work, resilience, and mentorship. As a young child, Octavia’s father was incarcerated and her mother worked very long hours. She struggled to find a sense of belonging. Building and maintaining authentic friendships and relationships seemed difficult. As an ambitious teen, Octavia worked in the church with children other people seemed to reject. Teaching praise dancing to the youth became her first official duty and eventually, she became the adult choir's head director. Although the responsibilities were challenging she excelled and became very influential. Over the years Mrs. Davis has assisted a multitude of young people with discovering their power and the freedom to love themselves. 

Octavia’s collective expertise permits her to effectively teach life skills and empowerment strategies to at-risk youth and women. Her gift of quickly building a rapport with others and a history of triumph sets her apart from other coaches. Assisting several social service organizations with their daily operations are among a few ways she achieved extensive work experience. Some of her service duties were event planning, executive assistant, on-site TANF liaison, non-profit funding office assistant, and a few others. During her term working with an Adult Education Center, she assisted students with GED prep. Years later Mrs. Davis began focusing more on manifesting the life she desired. She shifted her focused, energy, and thoughts toward obtaining peace, financial freedom, and great health.

                                                   We all deserve to live the lives of our dreams! 

My Professional Journey

Mrs. Davis decided to officially create a youth empowerment program that would educate at-risk youth on various life-enhancing topics. Her educational training includes an AA in Criminal Justice, B.A Sociology, MS in Criminal Justice and current Ph.D. student Organizational Leadership concentration in Non-Profit Management. Certificates: Substitute Teacher, FDOE (temp) Social Science, Life Coach, Job Readiness, Working against Racial Bias, Supporting Trauma-Exposed Students, Addressing Bullying Behavior, and several others. Becoming a Life Coach allows her to provide coaching services to young and adult women. Educational consulting services provide unbiased feedback and informative planning for your educational journey.

Personal & Essential research topics- Juvenile Delinquency, Youth’s Interaction with Social Media,Financial Literary, Economics, and Social Bonds. 



Recent Career:  5th Grade General Education Teacher  2018-2019 (Scored Highly Effective )


 After-school Club: Youth Empowerment and Leadership Skills  2018-2019