Our Programs

Youth Empowerment Specialist


 Empowerment Coaching is designed to help shift the client from the lower levels of consciousness or empowerment to a higher emotional state. Once the client can see things from a higher perspective, they can see all the choices they actually have available to them. From there, we help them to achieve their personal best — to become the greatest version of themselves!  

* Also awesome for those youth who are in or exiting the foster system. 

Educational Consulting


 Our educational consulting service provides professional feedback to individuals or families in regards to their educational journey. Children should enjoy and love learning in a safe and nurturing atmosphere. Families acquire the services of an educational consultant for many reasons such as matching their child to the right learning environment. Higher educational consulting services are beneficial during high school to post-secondary transitions. We will provide non-biased feedback to increase your chances of making the best-informed decisions. 

* Also awesome for those youth & young adults who are in or exiting the foster system. 

Adult Life Coaching


 Life Coaching is a profession unlike consulting, mentoring, advice, therapy, or counseling. The coaching process addresses specific personal projects in the client’s personal life, relationships, or profession by examining what their obstacles or challenges might be, and helping them to choose a course of action. It’s about getting things done!  

*Also an awesome service for those young adults who are in or exiting the foster system.

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Professional Sisters Networking

Mission: To provide interconnected supportive networking assembly for professional women. Generating empowerment and educational essentials for professional development opportunities.

Vision: One day, women will acquire unlimited access to the dynamic resources needed to increase their quality of life.

Have the courage, drive, and resilience to manifest the life that you desire! Join a supportive association of like-minded professional women. 

What to Expect:

  • Effective Sister’s Social Circles Meetings
  • Participation in Community Outreach Events 
  • Monthly Updates (conference calls or in-person)
  • Discount tickets for all members sponsored events
  • Early bird registration for all Organization Events
  • Joining a Community of other Professional Women 
  • Workshops with Edifying and Life altering presentations

                                                         The Cost of Membership is $99.00/yr. or $9.99/mo.

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