We would love to hear from you! Youth empowerment & Life Coach

We would love to hear from you! Youth empowerment & Life Coach

We would love to hear from you! Youth empowerment & Life CoachWe would love to hear from you! Youth empowerment & Life CoachWe would love to hear from you! Youth empowerment & Life Coach

Our Heartwork


Our "WHY"

R.O.Y.A.L Youth Empowerment Services provide at-risk youth and their families with Youth Empowerment, Life Coaching, and Educational Consulting services. R.O.Y.A.L stands for "Restoring Our Youth Through Authentic Leadership".  The word royal is defined as of kingly ancestry; of, relating to, or subject to the crown; being in the crown's service. The concept of royalty creates a thought of prestige, excellence, great responsibility, leadership, beauty, and wealth. While introducing the youth to a more honorable way of life, behavior, and knowledge they can adapt a positive identity. Many times young people go through a phase of trying to find themselves. As a counteractive method, we intentionally empower them to educate themselves through empowerment methods, financial literacy, and self- sufficiency.  Using methods such as affirmation sessions, group discussions, community involvement, and career development we aim to assist our youth that is at-risk long term. ROYAL also aims to assist clients in positive self-esteem, group esteem, and character building.  


Why Educational consulting?

non-profit Educational consulting was birthed from personal experiences with limited knowledge of postsecondary education. Students are many times effected by scarce resources to pay for college which can lead to abusing students loans and a lifetime of debt. In the beginning, learning about college financial aid was a struggle for me. When I registered during my freshman year it was very scary! With no plan in hand and limited support, I wasn't sure what to expect. As the registration process began I remember feeling lonely and underprepared. While scanning the gym, I noticed that many students were accompanied by multiples support systems. Parents, older siblings, and other supportive parties assisted resulting in a smoother transition. Each financial document was signed one by one  with no questions asked due to my lack of financial aid knowledge. Ultimately it took several years, hours of online research, and plenty of mistakes to gain a more in-depth understanding of the postsecondary education system. With over 10+ years of educational experience with postsecondary and higher education allow us to assist you during this fundamental time. (youth empowerment non profit organization life coach Cocoa Orlando Titusville and surrounding areas)

Educational Consulting one plan at a time! 


Why youth empowerment?

 We provide services and products that will enhance their knowledge of becoming empowered, self-sufficient, and financially successful. Our program will engage and encourage more underrepresented youth where resources are scarce. By doing so the end goal is to direct them on a path to entrepreneurship, post-secondary education, or successful careers. Our hope is also to deter young people from choosing a life of delinquent behavior. Many parents may not have the knowledge or resources to assist their children through tough moments. Through our products, services, workshops, and much more families can learn the skills necessary to build a successful future. Youth Empowerment Intensive 101 has also been added to our list of effective services. An excellent program for youth entering or exiting the Foster Care system.

Help Our Cause

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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